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consumer-computergames PDF
Consumer Guide: Personal Computers & Games
vicsoftware PDF
Consumer Guide: The Best Vic/Commodore Software
atariguide PDF
Consumer Guide: User's Guide to Atari Computers, Software, & Peripherals
gamescomputersplay PDF
Create your own Games Computers Play
creatingadvgames PDF
Creating Adventure Games on your Computer
creatingadvgamesdr32 PDF
Creating Adventure Games on your Dragon 32
creatingadvbbc PDF
Creating Adventure Programs on the BBC Micro
dungeonsdesktops dungeonsdesktops-back
Dungeons & Desktops
Dvorak's Guide to PC Games
Dvorak's Guide to PC Games
exploringadv-bbc PDF
Exploring Adventures on the BBC Model B
exploringadv-c64 PDF
Exploring Adventures on the Commodore 64Recently changed/added
exploringadv-dragon PDF
Exploring Adventures on the Dragon
exploringadv-electron PDF
Exploring Adventures on the Electron
exploringadv-vic20 PDF
Exploring Adventures on the VIC
Golden Flutes & Great Escapes
Golden Flutes & Great Escapes
writeadventuregames PDF
How to Write Adventure Games for the BBC Microcomputer Model B and Acorn Electron
isotmat-book PDF
In Search of the Most Amazing Thing: Children, Education & Computers
microfactsc64 PDF
Micro Facts C64
mindmoves PDF
Mind Moves: Strategy brain games for the Commodore 64
pocketpcref PDF
Pocket PCRef
compdict PDF
Pocket Professor: Computer Dictionary
arendarvon PDF
Secret of Arendarvon Castle, TheRecently changed/added
sorcererssoldiers PDF
Sorcerers & Soldiers: Computer Wargames, Fantasies and Adventures
specadv PDF
Spectrum Adventures: A Guide to Playing and Writing Adventures
spectrumadv spectrumadv-back
Spectrum of Adventure, The: A Brief History of Interactive Fiction on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
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