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There are several "Video Game Museum" sites on the web, some much bigger and more elaborate than this one. So why have I decided to make this site? Aside from the obvious reason that I have too much spare time, this site offers something that no other site I have seen does, something invaluable to collectors. Being a collector myself for over fifteen years now, I always like to know if games in my collection are complete. While a few companies like Infocom and Origin exhaustively list their contents on the box, many do not. I have provided high-quality images of all the games and books in my collection, allowing people to see not only the boxes but the contents, as close up as possible without actually owning the game. While screenshots are nice, I believe collectors, like myself, are more interested in the physical items than the game itself.

If you find any incorrect information in these pages or know of alternate game or book variations (different covers or contents) please let me know and I'll try to add it to the list. Enjoy your stay at the museum.

-- Howard Feldman, Curator