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Artic Computing

Adventure A: Planet of Death (Clamshell) (Paxman Promotions) (Amstrad CPC)
Adventure A: Planet of Death
Adventure B: Inca Curse (Clamshell) (Paxman Promotions) (Amstrad CPC)
Adventure B: Inca Curse
Adventure C: Ship of Doom (Clamshell) (Paxman Promotions) (Amstrad CPC)
Adventure C: Ship of Doom
Adventure D: Espionage Island (Clamshell) (Paxman Promotions) (Amstrad CPC)
Adventure D: Espionage Island
Kingdom of Speldome (Tynesoft) (Amstrad CPC)
Kingdom of Speldome

First Era of Gaming

Classic Adventure (Amsoft) (Amstrad CPC)
Classic Adventure
Colossal Cave Adventure (Duckworth) (Amstrad CPC)
Colossal Cave Adventure
Mordon's Quest (Melbourne House) (Amstrad CPC)
Mordon's Quest


Con-Quest (Amstrad CPC)
Kentilla (Amstrad CPC)
Knight Tyme (Amstrad CPC)
Knight Tyme
Quest for the Golden Egg Cup, The (ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC)
Quest for the Golden Egg Cup, The
Shard of Inovar (Amstrad CPC) (Cassette Version)
Shard of Inovar
Spellbound (Amstrad CPC)
Storm (Amstrad CPC) (Cassette Version)
Storm II: The Fear (Amstrad CPC)
Storm II: The Fear
Venom (Amstrad CPC) (tape Version)
Dun Darach (Rebound) (Amstrad CPC)
Dun Darach
Heavy on the Magick (Rebound) (ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC)
Heavy on the Magick
Tir Na Nog (Rebound) (Amstrad CPC)
Tir Na Nog
Knight Lore (Ricochet) (Amstrad CPC)
Knight Lore
Knightmare (Ricochet) (ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC)
Sabre Wulf (Ricochet) (Amstrad CPC)
Sabre Wulf

Miscellaneous Computer Games

Cricket Crazy (Alternative Software) (Amstrad CPC)
Cricket Crazy
Football Frenzy (Alternative Software) (Amstrad CPC)
Football Frenzy
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