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Published by: TynesoftFor: Amstrad CPCLinks: L M C 
ADRIAN POWELL-OWENS 2017-02-03 04:14:17
I have just finished and placed the book into Kindle This is based on the old video game Best wishes the Author of both...

ADRIAN POWELL-OWENS 2017-01-10 02:57:09
Am in the process of turning this game into a modern novel, but have developed the idea further than the game could ever have gone in its day. I got the idea after I was unfortunate to have been made redundant, which actually freed me to follow up on the idea of producing the Book. It hopefully will be finished by the end of this year 2017. I am so glad the the Game brought so many people so much fun, games may have been simple but they still were fun to play and that is what it is all about, just as book should be fun to read..

A.J.Powell-Owens 2013-05-09 18:20:40
Its nice to see my work still about - I chnaged my name when i was married - but was really happy to see a copy of my work still on on the web - it brought back many fond memories of a time long gone - I still work in IT and am still paling games on XBOX 360- But am turning the basic story of this game into a novel as i type - I am currently IT manager for a University College in Cambridge Clare Hall and was very pleased to see spelldome - thank you The orignal author of the game.

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