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Miscellaneous Computer Games

Spoof (Runesoft) (ZX Spectrum)
Castle of the Skull Lord (Samurai Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Castle of the Skull Lord
Castle Quest (Scorpio Gamesworld) (ZX Spectrum)
Castle Quest
Code Book Caper (Scorpio Gamesworld) (ZX Spectrum)
Code Book Caper
Randy Warner and the Aztec Idol (Scorpio Gamesworld) (ZX Spectrum)
Randy Warner and the Aztec Idol
Ruby Runabout (Scorpio Gamesworld) (ZX Spectrum)
Ruby Runabout
Serpent From Hell (Scorpio Gamesworld) (ZX Spectrum)
Serpent From Hell
Time Quest (Scorpio Gamesworld) (ZX Spectrum)
Time Quest
Crystal Frog, The (Sentient Software) (ZX Spectrum/C64)
Crystal Frog, The
House of Shadows, The (Shadow Software) (ZX Spectrum)
House of Shadows, The
Galilee (Shards Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Jericho Road (Shards Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Jericho Road
Pettigrew Chronicles, The (Shards Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Pettigrew Chronicles, The
Captain Kook and The Inner Lakes (Silent Corner, The) (ZX Spectrum)
Captain Kook and The Inner Lakes
Robin of Sherlock (Silversoft) (ZX Spectrum)
Robin of Sherlock
Simple Case of Espionage, A (hint sheet only) (Skyslip Software) (ZX Spectrum) (Contains Hint Sheet)
Simple Case of Espionage, A
H.R.H. & Cuddles (Smart Egg) (ZX Spectrum)
H.R.H. & Cuddles
Harvesting Moon, A & Faerie (Smart Egg) (ZX Spectrum)
Harvesting Moon, A & Faerie
Code, The (Soft Concern) (ZX Spectrum)
Code, The
McKensie (Software Projects) (ZX Spectrum)
Ziggurat (Software Supersavers) (ZX Spectrum)
Tower of Evil (Sparklers) (ZX Spectrum)
Tower of Evil
Beautiful Dreamer (Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club) (ZX Spectrum)
Beautiful Dreamer
Castle Thade Revisited (Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club) (ZX Spectrum)
Castle Thade Revisited
Virus (Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club) (ZX Spectrum)
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