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The Commodore 64 made the 2001 Guiness Book of World Records as the longest running single computer system, lasting over 10 years and selling over 30 million units. Many of the best games ever made (and found throughout these pages) were made for this little beauty. While the incredibly slow disk drive always annoyed me, it was otherwise a great machine, with excellent graphics using only 8K of video RAM and very good sound using the still popular SID chip. Some of the best game music of the period came from the '64. Also shown are some early ads and brochures for the machine and its cousins from the early eighties.

Commodore 64
Commodore Binder
Commodore Notebook
Commodore 1541 Disk Drive
Commodore 1541 Disk Drive
c1541II c1541II-manual PDF
Commodore 1541-II Disk Drive
boss boss
Boss Joystick (x2)
c64hardsoftad PDF
Commodore 64 Hardware/Software Ad
c64hardsoftad-alt PDF
Commodore 64 Hardware/Software Ad (Alternate)
c128brochure PDF
Commodore 128 Brochure
c1541cbrochure PDF
Commodore 1541C Brochure
c1802brochure PDF
Commodore 1802 Brochure
c64brochure PDF
Commodore 64 Brochure
c64brochure2 PDF
Commodore 64 Brochure
c64cbrochure PDF
Commodore 64C Brochure
geos-ad PDF
GEOS 2.0 Brochure
vic20brochure PDF
VIC-20 Brochure
vic20brochure2 PDF
VIC-20 Brochure
vic20brochure3 PDF
VIC-20 Brochure
c16brochure PDF
Commodore 16 Brochure
worldofcommodore PDFcompute-ad compute-bookad
World of Commodore Amiga 1990 Guide
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