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First Era of Gaming

Sands of Mars (Crystal Vision) (Atari 400/800)
Sands of Mars
Beneath the Pyramids (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800) (missing manual?)
Beneath the Pyramids
Fantasyland 2041 A.D. (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800)
Fantasyland 2041 A.D.
Fantasyland 2041 A.D. (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800)
Fantasyland 2041 A.D.
Glamis Castle (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800) (missing manual)
Glamis Castle
Haunted Palace, The (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800) (missing disk)
Haunted Palace, The
House of Usher (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800)
House of UsherItem Not AvailableRecently changed/added
House of Usher (Alternate packaging) (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800)
House of Usher
Quest for Power (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800)
Quest for Power
Sands of Mars (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800)
Sands of Mars
Sumer 4000 B.C. (Crystalware) (Atari 400/800) (missing manual?)
Sumer 4000 B.C.

Miscellaneous Computer Games

Dungeon Master, The (Crystal) (ZX Spectrum)
Dungeon Master, The
Halls of the Things (Crystal) (ZX Spectrum)
Halls of the Things
Island, The (Crystal) (ZX Spectrum)
Island, The
Depths of Zimroel (Crystal Microsoft) (Vic-20)
Depths of Zimroel
Jewel Thief (Crystal Microsoft) (Kaypro)
Jewel Thief
Oracle (Crystal Microsoft) (C64)
Sunken Treasure (Crystal Microsoft) (Vic-20)
Sunken Treasure
Ancients Death Watch (Crystalvision Software) (IBM PC)
Ancients Death Watch
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