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Miscellaneous Computer Games

Inspector Flukeit (Top Ten Hits) (ZX Spectrum)
Inspector Flukeit
Werewolf Simulator (Top Ten Hits) (ZX Spectrum)
Werewolf Simulator
Forgotten Past, The (Trevor Whitsey) (ZX Spectrum)
Forgotten Past, The
Blizzard Pass/H.A.R.D. (Tynesoft) (ZX Spectrum)
Blizzard Pass/H.A.R.D.
Wizard's Spell (Tynesoft) (ZX Spectrum)
Wizard's Spell
Return to Oz (U.S. Gold) (ZX Spectrum)
Return to Oz
Ghost Town (Virgin Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Ghost Town
Island, The (Virgin Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Island, The
Calling, The (Visual Dimensions) (ZX Spectrum)
Calling, The
Adventure Playground (Widgit Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Adventure Playground
Castle of Dreams (Widgit Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Castle of Dreams
Lost Ruby, The (Wrightchoice Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Lost Ruby, The
N.O.M.A.D. & Bulbo and the Lizard King (Your Sinclair) (ZX Spectrum)
N.O.M.A.D. & Bulbo and the Lizard King
Colditz (Phipps Associates) (ZX Spectrum)
Greedy Gulch (Phipps Associates) (ZX Spectrum)
Greedy Gulch
Knight's Quest (Phipps Associates) (ZX Spectrum)
Knight's Quest
Magic Mountain (Phipps Associates) (ZX Spectrum)
Magic Mountain
Pharaoh's Tomb (Phipps Associates) (ZX Spectrum)
Pharaoh's Tomb
Devils of the Deep (Richard Shepherd Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Devils of the Deep
Inferno, The (Richard Shepherd Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Inferno, The
Invincible Island (Richard Shepherd Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Invincible Island
Super Spy (Richard Shepherd Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Super Spy
Transylvanian Tower (Richard Shepherd Software) (ZX Spectrum) (cassette Version)
Transylvanian Tower
Urban Upstart (Richard Shepherd Software) (ZX Spectrum) (cassette Version)
Urban Upstart
Atic Atac (Ultimate Play the Game) (ZX Spectrum)
Atic Atac
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