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Epyx / Automated Simulations

Star Warrior (Apple II)
Star Warrior
Eidolon (Apple II)

First Era of Gaming

Apple Adventure (Apple Diskware) (Apple II)
Apple Adventure
Adventure (Frontier Computing) (Apple II)
Original Adventure (Mountain Software) (Apple II)
Original Adventure
Mockingboard Crowther and Woods Adventure (Sweet Micro Systems) (Apple II)
Mockingboard Crowther and Woods Adventure
Fracas (Computersmiths) (Apple II) (missing tape)
Beneath Apple Manor (Special Edition) (Quality Software) (Apple II)
Beneath Apple Manor
Fracas (Quality Software) (Apple II)
Quest 1 (SoftSide Publications) (Apple II/Atari 400/800/TRS-80)
Quest 1
Beneath Apple Manor (Software Factory) (Apple II)
Beneath Apple Manor
Demon's Forge (Boone) (Apple II)
Demon's Forge
Demon's Forge (Saber) (Apple II)
Demon's Forge
Journey (Softape) (Apple II) (Contains Softape Catalog)
Creature Venture (Highlands Computer Services) (Apple II)
Creature Venture
Mummys Curse (Highlands Computer Services) (Apple II)
Mummys Curse
Oldorf's Revenge (Highlands Computer Services) (Apple II)
Oldorf's Revenge
Tarturian (Highlands Computer Services) (Apple II) (missing cover sheet)
Alkemstone (Dakin5) (Apple II)
Dragon Fire (Dakin5) (Apple II)
Dragon Fire
Kaves of Karkhan (Dakin5) (Apple II)
Kaves of Karkhan
Crown of Arthain (Micro Lab) (Apple II)
Crown of Arthain
Palace in Thunderland (Micro Lab) (Apple II)
Palace in Thunderland
Enchanted Island (Mad Hatter Software) (Apple II) (missing Disk)
Enchanted Island
Journey to Atlantis (Mad Hatter Software) (Apple II) (missing Disk)
Journey to Atlantis
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