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Published by: Micro FunFor: Apple IILinks: L M C 
At Bob Hess2021-12-23 19:13:00
It would be nice if we knew who Bpb Hess was!

Jeff Montanye2020-10-23 22:58:53
Written by Philip and Bob Hess Microlabs went out of business in the 1980s The copyright is not registered with the trademark office. I'm assuming it is now owned by the original writers. I would like to contact them for permission to write a book using the game's setting as the setting for the book.

Jeff Montanye2020-10-18 18:41:34
Who owns the rights to this game now? Does anybody have any contact information. Are Philip and Bob Hess still around?

Eric Tully2017-12-04 01:51:11
I bought this game for $30 in 1984 from Logical Computer in Simsbury, CT. The box I purchased didn't contain the hints or the map or anything pictured here - just the disk. I became stumped and tried to track down the authors of the game but could not. I didn't know about the hint sheet or the offer for an answer via mail. It's nagged me for 30 years. I played it for about an hour tonight - I will finish this before I die. :)

Jeff b2016-11-21 00:58:16
Loved this game! One of first graphic text adventures. Thanks to Philip and Bob Hess for creating this back in the day. I'd love to hear a story about the development of this title.

Philip & Bpb Hess2016-11-03 05:05:38
It would be nice if you gave us credit for writing the game

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It appears the hint sheet was just part of the registration card and allowed you to send away for further hints, but I have not yet confirmed this.
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