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Published by: Micro FunFor: Apple IILinks: L M C 
Eric Tully2017-12-04 01:51:11
I bought this game for $30 in 1984 from Logical Computer in Simsbury, CT. The box I purchased didn't contain the hints or the map or anything pictured here - just the disk. I became stumped and tried to track down the authors of the game but could not. I didn't know about the hint sheet or the offer for an answer via mail. It's nagged me for 30 years. I played it for about an hour tonight - I will finish this before I die. :)

Jeff b2016-11-21 00:58:16
Loved this game! One of first graphic text adventures. Thanks to Philip and Bob Hess for creating this back in the day. I'd love to hear a story about the development of this title.

Philip & Bpb Hess2016-11-03 05:05:38
It would be nice if you gave us credit for writing the game

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It appears the hint sheet was just part of the registration card and allowed you to send away for further hints, but I have not yet confirmed this.
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