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Miscellaneous Computer Games

Motorcycle Crazy (Kerian) (ZX Spectrum)
Motorcycle Crazy
Dwarfs Domain (King Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Dwarfs Domain
Escape from Sylon 6 (King Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Escape from Sylon 6
Manor of Doom (King Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Manor of Doom
Ocean Dancer (King Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Ocean Dancer
Valhalla (Legend) (ZX Spectrum) (Tape Version)
Masters of Serebal (Lothlorien) (ZX Spectrum)
Masters of Serebal
Time Sanctuary (Lothlorien) (ZX Spectrum)
Time Sanctuary
Treasure Hunt (Macsen Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Treasure Hunt
Time of the End (Mandarin Adventures) (ZX Spectrum)
Time of the End
Cloud 99 (Marlin Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Cloud 99
Odyssey of Hope (Martech Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Odyssey of Hope
Slaine (Martech Games) (ZX Spectrum)
Doomsday Papers, The and Specdicul (Matand Software) (ZX Spectrum)
Doomsday Papers, The and Specdicul
Golden Hawk (Micro Mart) (ZX Spectrum)
Golden Hawk
Kentilla (Micromega) (ZX Spectrum)
Back To Skool (Microsphere) (ZX Spectrum)
Back To Skool
Skool Daze (Microsphere) (ZX Spectrum)
Skool Daze
Genesis II (Mikro-Gen) (ZX Spectrum)
Genesis II
Land of Sagan (Mikro-Gen) (ZX Spectrum)
Land of Sagan
Mad Martha (Mikro-Gen) (ZX Spectrum)
Mad Martha
Mad Martha II (Mikro-Gen) (ZX Spectrum)
Mad Martha II
Mines of Saturn and Return to Earth (Mikro-Gen) (ZX Spectrum)
Mines of Saturn and Return to Earth
S.A.S. Assault 1 & 2 (Mikro-Gen) (ZX Spectrum)
S.A.S. Assault 1 & 2
Shadow of the Unicorn (Mikro-Gen) (ZX Spectrum)
Shadow of the Unicorn
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