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Raymond J. Grier2012-02-24 23:35:49
I thought Archon was a rip off of Varloc, Varloc being better because the one-on-one battles were 3D. I first played Varloc with it's unique 3D experience in the mid-80s on a Tandy Cocoa 2 or 3.

Jeremy2011-09-28 22:14:39
I had this game along with Echelon, Planetfall and Hitchhikers guide and several others. Great memory from early to mid 80's for me! May try to find a copy of this.

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Varloc is clearly a simplified Archon ripoff. While it lacks the complexity of the latter game, it is nonetheless unique in that there are no other games quite like it. It is also quite rare.
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