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Published by: Keypunch SoftwareFor: C64Links: G L M C 
2022-06-03 18:32:16
Beat Stalag 13 and on the run. Yukon and Shifting Sands were very hard.

johann paul thomas2018-03-17 07:22:05
Ahhh! yukon in the days before the insanity that is the modern world I failed at the wolverine. I'm australian and most of my country is desert. a wolverine in the everymans encyclopedia is a small animal. (no google at the time) Looking back on it, it was obvious finding the fuel etc. (I was only 7) my father (35 at the time) was no help. A decade ago I saw a wolverine vehicle on tv and it all clicked, up til then it had bothered us both as we generally clocked everything. Crazy memories :) well done if your still out there

Patrick2017-03-30 03:05:13
Hey Dave, The first game is ever beat was Yukon. I fell through the lake a couple of times and failed to heed the warning about avalanches. My favorite out of the series was stalag 23. Many great memories playing these games for hours. I've tried to locate these files for an emulator but have had any success. Thank you for creating such an awesome series. I hope to run into Yukon Jack someday.

AngelWolf2016-06-03 22:40:59
Hey Dave! I wandered in here because of a recent Facebook conversation I had with an old buddy. He remembered playing Yukon with me and helping me get past the wolverine. I remembered that game quite vividly because of the detailed descriptions of hypothermia, and the requirement to find a warm coat before you freeze to death. It was the first time temperature ever mattered to me in a game, and with my strong imagination, I really felt it. On the box, and by the title alone, it didn't sound as exciting as the other 3 games, but it ended up being my favorite. A few years later, in my mid-teens I switched over to a PC and started playing around with an adventure game engine called AGT. I think I must have found my old hand-drawn map, because I remember hooking up the old C64 to play it again with a notebook at my side. Wrote down every line of text by hand and set about recreating the entire game in AGT as a way of testing my understanding of the engine. Got it almost finished too but ended up losing the source code to a hard drive crash. I'm actually a game designer now working with Unreal Engine 4 on a large MMORPG. Yukon had a huge influence on me and I'm so glad I had a chance to thank the author that inspired me as a young game designer.

Dave M2011-05-16 02:23:22
I am the author of the four games on this disk. They were actually stolen from my legitimate publisher by Keypunch, leading to considerable financial loss for us and considerable gain for the president of Keypunch, who went on to become Vice President of Atari after running several other dubious enterprises. To my knowledge, most or all of my games (nine in total) can now be downloaded from various sources (assuming you have a Commodore 64 to play them on--plans to make them available for other systems were scrapped after the theft was discovered. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has played and enjoyed the games. After all these years, I'm surprised to find even a mention of them online.

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