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Published by: Goldtree EnterprisesFor: IBM PCLinks: L M C 
pwiecek2014-11-11 22:17:06
Kingspoint was the originally distributed fantasy based city. The entire map was in the database. Hudson City was a superhero setting and only certain parts of the map were in the database.

Luke Ahearn2012-05-12 01:51:32
Wow this is a blast from the past! I don't even have these items anymore. The reason I even found this is that I am currently publishing the novel I wrote back in 1991 that started all this. Thanks Luke Ahearn

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This is a Dungeon Master's Assistant type tool for tabletop role-playing, and includes a town, Kingspoint (or Hudson City??), in which heroes can adventure. However the manual is extremely confusing and poorly written, as is the software itself most likely, so it is difficult to understand what the exact purpose of this software really is. Several add-ons are apparently available as well, though I don't know if these were ever released.
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