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Published by: SlashFor: IBM PCLinks: L M C 
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fantasyadvpack fantasyadvpack-back fantasyadvpack-lslvga-guide fantasyadvpack-lslvga-letter fantasyadvpack-lslvga-ranch PDFfantasyadvpack-lslvga-hole PDFfantasyadvpack-sierra-manual PDFsierra-refcard-dos-alt3 PDFfantasyadvpack-spell101-map fantasyadvpack-spell101-manual PDFfantasyadvpack-spell101-form fantasyadvpack-elvira-manual PDFelvira-spells PDFelvira-refcard PDFfantasyadvpack-refcard PDFfantasyadvpack-note fantasyadvpack-cd slash-regcard3 PDF
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This is an unusual combination of three excellent games by three different companies. Although Slash is most well-known (and hated by collectors) for their ugly budget releases of games, this particular item comes with all the original goodies from the games - photocopies though. Strangely some of the Leisure Suit Larry items have the original color names printed by hand - perhaps these are important to the game somehow and so are there for reference?
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