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Published by: SlashFor: IBM PCLinks: L M C 
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fantasy3pack fantasy3pack-back fantasy3pack-kq6-manual PDFfantasy3pack-kq6-cdcase fantasy3pack-kq6-cdcase-back fantasy3pack-kq6-cdcase-inlay PDFfantasy3pack-kq6-cd mm4-manual PDFmm4-refcard PDFmm4-map mm4-cluebookad fantasy3pack-mm4-cd eob3-manual PDFfantasy3pack-eob3-refcard PDFfantasy3pack-eob3-cd
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This is an unusual combination of three excellent games by three different companies. Although Slash is most well-known (and hated by collectors) for their ugly budget releases of games, this particular item comes with all the original goodies from the games, in their original quality! No photocopies here. This remains an anomoly until I can glean any further information on the origins of this item.
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