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Published by: SierraventureFor: Vic-20Links: L M C Item Not Available
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This game hardly needs an introduction. This is by far the most valuable game (albeit not the rarest) in the entire collection. This is one of less than a dozen known complete copies. More importantly, this copy of the game is the first 're-discovered' one, found at the bottom of a cliff in British Columbia (hence the condition of the box). Before the owner of this copy came forward, Drash only existed in rumours and speculation.

Programmed by Keith Zabalaoui for Sierra, it is not a true Ultima game, and was done completely without Lord British's knowledge or approval. Sierra thought using the name would help improve sales (apparently it did not) and Sierra now denies that the game even exists. Interestingly no copyright date can be found anywhere on the game but it is believed to be from around 1983, the same time as Sierra's Ultima I release for Atari home computers. Note the re-use of artwork from that game as well. The game itself is a fun little maze game, and can now be enjoyed by all on Vic-20 emulators.

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