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Bjorn2017-11-03 09:24:18
Yes it is true. I have the Landscape version, and it came with both journal and manual pressed inside, a bit bent but still going into the box. Weird thing they didn't cut correctly, probably a mistake when ordering at the printing factory, forgetting to resize before printing, then saving costs and not prinnting new ones.

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For some reason I have yet to fathom, this game alone in the series was published in two different box formats - landscape and portrait. This one here is the unusual one shaped 'landscape' as Heroes of the Lance was. All the other game boxes were oriented 'portrait' like most other game boxes. Although seemingly bizarre, I am nearly certain this packaging of the game, although European, included the North American manual and Adventurer's Journal - even though they are slightly too big for the box! The non-english versions, however, did come with their own, slightly shrunk down manuals.
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  German Manual

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