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As they say, last but not least... I can't remember why, but I really liked the Blood Sword gamebooks. They were really thick and I think they had lots of neat puzzles and a good combat system.

The other books here are nothing to sneeze at but are all decent series.  I haven't read many of them yet and so can't comment.  Note the two Ultima novels based loosely on the game series of the same name (and sought after by many an Ultima collector).

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Adventure Novels Battle Quest Blood Sword Choose Your Own Adventure Crossroads Adventure Double Game Dragon Warriors DuelMaster Fabled Lands Quest (US Fabled Lands) Falcon Fantasy Trip Forbidden Gateway Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks (UK) Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks (US) Knightmare Legends of Skyfall Middle-Earth Quest One-on-One Adventure Gamebooks Prince of Shadows Real Life Gamebooks Robin of Sherwood Sagard the Barbarian (UK) Sagard the Barbarian (US) Storytrails SwordQuest Virtual Reality Adventures Warriors, Wizards and You Way of the Tiger (UK) Way of the Tiger (US) Other
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