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Items are all complete and in good to excellent condition unless otherwise noted, and are sold "as is". Platform is indicated where applicable and known, but please note none of these games have been tested, and may not work on your machine. Prices are not given but most items will be sold to the first reasonable offer. A good way to determine what a reasonable offer is, is to search ebay for Sold Auctions, and see what the item has been selling for. Figure on about $25-50 for common, complete games and big books, and $10-20 for incomplete pieces and pocketbooks. Rare games might cost much more than this of course. Trades are possible too, especially if you have something on the Museum Wanted list. To order/inquire about an item, simply send me an e-mail at howardjfeldman .AT. gmail .DOT. com.

IMPORTANT: Please note that for games which are doubles (i.e. they already appear elsewhere in the museum), I have in some cases re-used the images from the first copy in the museum, in order to save space. Thus some items may not be EXACTLY as they appear. If in doubt, please ask first.

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