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This is a great series of novels started back in about 1984 by authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.  Aimed at more mature readers, the first Chronicles Trilogy traces the story of a band of unlikely heroes who must save the world from Takhisis, the Dark Queen.  Great characterization, excellent writing and a vast and realistic world, Krynn, make this series a classic piece of fantasy fiction history.  Everyone who's read these has a favorite character be it Raistlin the mysterious hour-glass eyed mage, or the slippery-fingered Kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot.  Legends was probably the best trilogy of them all, following Raistlin and Caramon through time to before the Cataclysm and back again, in Raistlin's quest to become a god himself.  But in the end the cold-hearted mage makes the ultimate sacrifice for his brother, or so it seems...  Most of the other stories in the series are no longer written by Weis and Hickman, and the original two trilogies are definitely the best.  However, many of the other stories are very good as well, documenting events both before and after that fateful meeting of the Heroes of the Lance at the Inn of the Last Home at the beginning of Chronicles volume #1.

dl1 dl1-back dl-intro
DragonLance Chronicles, Volume 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (1st printing)
dl2 dl2-back
DragonLance Chronicles, Volume 2: Dragons of Winter Night (1st printing)
dl3 dl3-back
DragonLance Chronicles, Volume 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning (1st printing)
dl4 dl4-back
DragonLance Chronicles, Volume 4: Dragons of Summer Flame
dl-legend1 dl-legend1-back
DragonLance Legends, Volume 1: Time of the Twins (1st printing)
dl-legend2 dl-legend2-back
DragonLance Legends, Volume 2: War of the Twins (1st printing)
dl-legend3 dl-legend3-back
DragonLance Legends, Volume 3: Test of the Twins (1st printing)
dl-tales1 dl-tales1-back
DragonLance Tales, Volume 1: The Magic of Krynn (1st printing)
dl-tales2 dl-tales2-back
DragonLance Tales, Volume 2: Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes (1st printing)
dl-tales3 dl-tales3-back
DragonLance Tales, Volume 3: Love and War (1st printing)
dl-heroes1 dl-heroes1-back
DragonLance Heroes, Volume 1: The Legend of Huma (1st printing)
dl-heroes3 dl-heroes3-back
DragonLance Heroes, Volume 3: Weasel's Luck (1st printing)
dl-heroesii1 dl-heroesii1-back
DragonLance Heroes II, Volume 1: Kaz the Minotaur (1st printing)
dl-heroesii3 dl-heroesii3-back
DragonLance Heroes II, Volume 3: Galen Beknighted (1st printing)
dl-prelude1 dl-prelude1-back
DragonLance Preludes, Volume 1: Darkness & Light (1st printing)
dl-prelude3 dl-prelude3-back
DragonLance Preludes, Volume 3: Brothers Majere (1st printing)
dl-preludeii1 dl-preludeii1-back
DragonLance Preludes II, Volume 1: Riverwind the Plainsman (1st printing)
dl-wanderlust dl-wanderlust-back
DragonLance Meetings Sextet, Volume 2: Wanderlust
dl-soulforge dl-soulforge-back
DragonLance Raistlin Chronicles, Volume 1: The Soulforge (paperback)
dlatlas dlatlas-back
Atlas of the DragonLance World
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