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Miscellaneous Computer Games

Tristan and Isolde (CRL) (C64)
Tristan and Isolde
War of the Worlds, The (CRL) (ZX Spectrum)
War of the Worlds, The
Warlock's Treasure, The (CRL) (ZX Spectrum)
Warlock's Treasure, The
Wolfman (CRL) (C64) (Disk Version)
Wolfman (CRL) (C64) (Cassette Version)
Woods of Winter (CRL) (ZX Spectrum)
Woods of Winter


Boggit, The (CRL) (ZX Spectrum) (missing tape)
Boggit, The
Bugsy (hint sheet only) (CRL) (ZX Spectrum) (Contains Hint Sheet)
Jack the Ripper (CRL) (ZX Spectrum) (missing tape) (Contains Hint Sheet)
Jack the Ripper
Very Big Cave Adventure, The (CRL) (ZX Spectrum) (missing tape) (Contains Hint Sheet)
Very Big Cave Adventure, The
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